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Year 6 -  "The Sweet Tooth of the Aztecs"

Have A Look At Our Y6 Chocolate Pizzas

The new half term has begun and the children in Year 6 have started a new topic, "The Sweet Tooth of the Aztecs".  As part of this topic, the children will be learning about the history of chocolate and its origins in South America.  To do this they were visited by Dave, an amazing chocolatier from .  Dave is so good that he has made chocolates for the BAFTAs, Olympics and other major events.


He taught them about the history of chocolate, the different stages that chocolate goes through in the process, how chocolate is molded in different ways and can be patterned and then the children got to make their own chocolate pizzas.


"It was good because we got to make chocolate and take it home."  Callum, 6E.


"It was awesome because we could eat chocolate, make chocolate and take chocolate home.  We also learned how the Aztecs used cocoa beans."  Will, 6E.


Please take a look at our Chocolate Gallery