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Curriculum Overview

With our curriculum, we seek to create teachers and children who have high expectations; striving for excellence across all areas of the curriculum.  As the National Curriculum moves towards Mastery and children are expected to increasingly apply their skills throughout all aspects of their learning, we continue to push for the delivery of cross-curricular teaching in order to meet the needs of our children in a variety of ways.  We want learning to take place in a safe, purposeful and engaging environment but for our children to be so enthralled with their learning that it continues outside school too.  
At Maltby Lilly Hall, we enhance the learning opportunities available to our students through well chosen and structured learning experiences both in and out of school.  This can be seen in anything from the day-to-day lessons that our teachers deliver, visitors brought in to school, the continued provisioning for creative homework and the trips/residentials that we plan for our pupils.  All of this ultimately serves one purpose, to engage our pupils in a rich curriculum.

Engagement is key!

National Curriculum

All maintained primary schools in England are required to follow the National Curriculum set by the Department for Education. The National Curriculum sets out both programmes of study (the broad areas pupils should learn) and descriptions of the attainment levels they should reach.

The National Curriculum

From September 2014 the primary school curriculum underwent a complete overhaul.

Assessment without Levels

Why the change? The main goal is to raise standards. Although the new curriculum is intended to be more challenging, the content is actually lighter than the current curriculum, focusing on essential core subject knowledge and skills such as essay writing and computer programming.

What's changed? To find out what has changed and what this means for you and your child we recommend reading the following informative article on the website:
"The 2014 national curriculum: what primary school parents need to know"

The Key Stages: Primary school year groups in England can be classified as follows:

Early Years Foundation Stage – Nursery and Reception – ages 3 to 5
Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 – ages 5 to 7
Key Stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6  – ages 7 to 11

More detailed information regarding the NEW primary national curriculum on the DfE website, below:

General information about the National Curriculum:

National Curriculum

National curriculum in England: Framework for key stages 1 to 4

Publications: National Curriculum In England Framework For Key Stages 1 to 4 

Closing the gap with the new primary national curriculum:

Closing The Gap With The New Primary National Curriculum

Closing The Gap With The New Primary National Curriculum.pdf

Additional Information

In addition, we will also be publishing further information about the national curriculum and how it has been specifically implemented at our school below:

Curriculum Maps (Overview)

Please click on the below links to view:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6