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Meet the Team

STAFF NAME           
Mr D. Horrigan Executive Principal
Mr R. Pease Associate Principal
Mrs S Searson Vice Principal
Ms J. Denyer
Assistant Principal /
Phase Leader (Y2, Y3 & Y4)
Miss K Herrington Assistant Senior Leader


Ms J Laidlaw


Mr M. Hoskins

Maths Subject Leader / Upper KS2 Phase Leader
Mrs L. Langton Pastoral Leader/Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Mrs E Campbell / Mrs S Searson F1 Woodlands Class Teachers
Miss S Pritchard F2 Woodlands  Class Teacher

Mrs C Jones / Mrs S Searson

F2 Woodlands  Class Teachers
Mr R Jones Y1 Ladybirds Class Teacher
Miss H Murdoch Y1 Butterflies Class Teacher
Ms J Denyer / Miss K Herrington Y2  Badgers Class Teacher
Miss D O'Toole Y2 Raccoons Class Teacher

Mr W  Banks

Y3 Bears Class
Miss M Chapman Y3  Class Teacher
Miss K Williamson Y4 Owls Class Teacher
Miss J Kennedy Y4  Bluebirds Class Teacher

Mrs K Dougherty / Mrs N Watts

Y5 Dragonflies  Class Teachers
Miss A Denton Y5 Rabbits Class Teacher
Mr M Hoskins Y6 Wolves Class Teacher
Miss R Turnbull Y6 Foxes Class Teacher


Mrs M Folkes HLTA
Mrs S Hosier HLTA / SENCO Admin Support
Mrs K Kitson HLTA
Mrs S Moulding HLTA / QTS
Mrs R Leary Early Years Practitioner
Mrs L Cookson EYFS Cover Supervisor/Teaching Assistant
Miss G Powell EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss S O’Donovan EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Duckmanton EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Earnshaw EYFS Teaching Assistant
Miss R Harland EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Wright EYFS Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Quinn Y1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Z Davis Y1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Pearce Y2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Brierley Y2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Parry Y3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Batty Y3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs H. Richardson Y4 Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Robinson 1:1 Support
Mrs J. Edgar Y5 Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Wainwright Y6 Lead Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Claxton Y6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs R. Needham 1:1 Support
Mrs L. Ridley 1:1 Support
Mrs Z White EYFS
Mr K Hinch Apprentice TA
Miss E Hartshorn Apprentice TA

Mrs L Birch                School Business Manager
Mrs C Askwith Office Manager
Mrs K Harcourt Finance Support
Mrs D Tingle Receptionist/Admin Support
Mrs J. Ward Clerk to Governors
Mr S Hatherley ICT Technician

Mr P Williamson  
Site Manager
Mr T Bailey Assistant Caretaker
Mrs S. Rigby School Crossing Patrol

Mrs P Regan Cook
Miss S Henson Assistant Cook
Mrs P Coffell Kitchen Assistant
Mrs C Denniff Kitchen Assistant
Mrs G Mozley Kitchen Assistant
Mrs E Hemsley Kitchen Assistant
Mrs J Wright EYFS SMSA
Miss M Robinson EYFS SMSA
Miss Z White EYFS 1:1 SMSA
Mrs N Dalton-Dobson Lead SMSA - Y1
Mrs M Hopkinson SMSA - Y1
Mrs J Smith SMSA -Y2
Mrs S Rigby 1:1 SMSA
Mrs J Lloyd SMSA - Y3
Mrs T MacDonald SMSA - Y4
Mrs L Allen SMSA - Y2
Mrs R Broadbent SMSA 
Miss L Gibson SMSA - Y5
Mrs S Ironmonger SMSA
Mrs A Scott SMSA - Y6

David Horrigan - Executive Principal

Mr Horrigan has worked in a range Primary Schools in differing of leadership roles for the last twelve years, the last six of which have been based in Maltby. During this time he has become an advocate for the young people of the village, developing a clear understanding of the use of student data, curriculum design and whole school quality assurance and self-evaluation.

Mr Horrigan used these skills in successfully leading Maltby Redwood from ‘Special Measures’ to a ‘Good’ rating between September 2009 and November 2011. Since then he has led the growth and development of Maltby Redwood, which has become the fastest expanding school in the area, with the school ultimately becoming a founder member of the Maltby Learning Trust in February 2014.


Mr Horrigan subsequently became Executive Principal over both Maltby Redwood and Maltby Manor Academies after Manor’s predecessor school was placed in the category of Special Measures successfully developing the school’s capacity to improve.  He is now both Acting Principal at Maltby Lilly Hall Academy and Executive Principal for the primary schools within the Maltby Learning Trust.