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PE & Sports Funding



In April 2013 the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (PE) and sport.  The funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of sport provision.  Funding is allocated to all maintained and state-funded schools with primary phase children from 1st September 2013.  

In all schools in Maltby this funding is targeted at further developing existing and future sports provision.  We focus on four main areas:  developing high quality Physical Education, Student Leadership, Participation and Competition (based around the Sainsbury Games model).

Maltby Lily Hall Academy has been allocated £9675.00 for the academic year 2016-17.  There continues to be a strong commitment to PE which is evident in the wide range of out of school activities and involvement in competitive sports.


Maltby Lilly Hall Academy is a member of the Maltby Sports Partnership (MSP) and as a group we have chosen to work together to secure the effective use of our funding.  The funding will enable us to:

  • Support progression of high quality lessons through staff coaching/mentoring/CPD.
  • Further develop the leadership opportunities offered to children of all ages.
  • Introduction of a sustained teaching model of the Sports Leaders UK ‘Playground Leaders’ Award, providing training to young people and staff in playground activity leadership. 
  • Enhance the range and types of sports/activities our children can take part in. 
  • Provide additional activities which allow our children to experience new and different sports
  • Increase participation in competitive sport within school and with other local schools.


The sports premium funding has been used to access the expertise and resources of the outreach Sports Partnership Team based at Maltby Academy.  This outreach work has taken many different forms:

  • Teachers/Coaches have been present in at least one of the two weekly PE lessons for each class to support and train staff;
  • Teachers/Coaches have worked alongside staff to develop a further repertoire of new and different sports activities;
  • The team have offered support for staff in using data to inform PE and sports provision;
  • Coaches/Sports Leaders have run sports-based clubs after school time; 
  • Training to deliver the ‘Playground Leaders Award’ for Primary Staff and Students;
  • Teachers/Coaches have provided resources and equipment and;
  • THE MSP Lead has worked with the school PE coordinator to support the sports’ provision, impact and monitoring of sport in school.  


1. Develop teaching and learning

Our partner secondary school, Maltby Academy, has appointed two specialist sports coaches and released a PE/Sports teacher for part of the week to support the programme across the partnership.  We have a PE/Sports specialist working alongside our teachers two days per week.  The PE Teacher from Maltby Academy may change depending on the area of physical education being taught.  In addition, the teacher/specialist coaches are supported in their delivery of the programme by a dedicated Primary Sports Coaching apprentice and a team of KS5 Sports Leaders (BTEC Students).


This has involved:

  • Development of standardised long and medium term plans (supported by online learning resources)
  • Working alongside staff in the delivery of lessons and after school clubs
  • Providing support for planning and both formative and summative assessment
  • Whole school staff development
  • Inter schools competitions
  • Opportunities to take part in ‘taster sessions’ in sports not available in a primary school


2. Improve resources

Whilst we currently have a high level of quality resources, the school have purchased additional resources as and when necessary to support new specialist provision.  

On top of this the School Sports Funding has contributed to the cost of activity specific KS1/2 specialist equipment used by the Sports Coaches within all Maltby Learning Trust Primary partner school. These resources include: rounders, quick cricket, multi sports, tag rugby and tennis.


3. Extend out of school activities

The funding has been used to further develop the current range of activities by inviting other accredited coaches into school to lead after school clubs e.g. football, rugby, multi-skills, dance and martial arts.  The school plans to develop an ‘active lunchtimes’ sports programme next academic year and will utilise KS2 Sports Leaders to support the scheme.


4. Join the Youth Sports Trust

The Sports Partnership is a member of the Youth Sports Trust which we hope will help all schools to achieve the Quality Mark for Physical Education and Sport.

This also provides access to subsidised CPD training from organisations such as:

  • Active Rotherham and;
  • Yorkshire Sport Foundation.


  • Teaching staff have gained confidence of delivery and increased subject knowledge. One member of staff acts as PE lead for the school,  linking curricular and extra-curricular provision and targeting PE  for professional development as part of their appraisal process.  
  • Coaches’ expertise has allowed the children to be taught in a wider range of sports, including, football, basketball, High 5, cricket, rounders, tennis, badminton, athletics and rugby.
  • Children are continuing to take part in more Level 1 competitions in school, with some children also attending Level 2 competitions .
  • With the support of the MSP, the monitoring of PE has ensured that all children have had opportunity to take part in sports activities over the year and compete in a variety of sports. 
  • A number of children have been chosen to take part in the Masterclass Sports’ Academy run through MA - these children have developed confidence in activities through this and in order to be part of this. 
  • Several children are volunteering to lead our Active Lunchtimes/Playgrounds initiative in the summer term and will gain a recognised ‘play groups leaders’ qualification from Sports Leaders UK.
  • Staff have attended Sports Conferences/Courses outside of school and provided feedback from these events to other staff is school. 



  • £9675.00 invested in coaching support including; curriculum mentoring, increasing the breadth of our school sport offer, house competitions, PE action/development planning and targeted support for Gifted and Talented Children 
  • 43% of the whole school have attended 1 or more extra-curricular sports club 



  • MSP Tag Rugby Y5/Y6 (1st Place)
  • MSP Basketball Y3/4 (1st Place)
  • MSP Golf Y3/4 (1st Place)
  • Rotherham Finals Golf



CPD delivered on an ongoing team teach basis through the Maltby Sports Partnership. This is highly effective in increasing staff competence and confidence.


Rounders Club

Athletics Club

Football Club



(Level 1 (Intra-School) and Level 2 (Inter-School))

  •  MSP Tag Rugby Y3/Y4
  • MSP Tag Rugby Y5/Y6 (1st Place)
  • Rotherham Finals Y5/6 Tag Rugby
  • MSP Football Y3/4 Boys
  • MSP Football Girls
  • MSP Football Boys
  • MSP Sportshall Athletics
  • MSP Cross Country Y3
  • MSP Cross Country Y4
  • MSP Cross Country Y5
  • MSP Cross Country Y6
  • MSP Matball Y5/6
  • MSP Cricket Y3/4
  • MSP Basketball Y3/4 (1st Place)
  • Rotherham Basketball Finals Y5/6
  • MSP Tennis Y3/4
  • MSP Golf Y3/4 (1st Place)
  • Rotherham Finals Golf
  • MSP Netball Y5/6
  • Y5/6 Rounders



  1. To continue to ensure all PE lessons are ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’
  2. To continue to utilise assessment data to inform planning
  3. To maintain a high profile for sport in school, evidenced by the achievement of the Gold Games/Sports Mark
  4. Continue to take part in competitions within school and with other local schools.
  5. Continue to develop pupil voice through the involvement of Sports Leaders in decision making and forward planning for Sport and PE. 


We intend to spend our sports premium funding on further developing and refining the sports partnership across Maltby building on the achievements to date and securing a sustainable model within our school moving forwards. As part of this new model each school in the partnership will establish a new relationship with an external sports provider.