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Aims and Ethos

Dream, Believe, Achieve

'Our vision is to create a school community where children participate, excel and are proud of their achievements.'

Enjoy Learning

At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy we will ensure that children enjoy learning by:

  • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy learning environment where everyone is respected and listened to; takes pride in their work and their achievements, develops confidence and independence in their learning.
  • Encouraging individuality, promoting risk taking and providing a curriculum which inspires our children to become confident and successful learners.
  • Accessing broader learning opportunities through working in partnership with other schools in the Maltby Learning Community.

Secure Success

At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy we will ensure that children secure success through:

  • Striving for the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour in an inspirational learning environment.
  • Striving to be a centre of excellence, where quality leadership is developed and shared with other schools and where all staff are committed to their own learningand the sharing of quality practice.

Celebrate Achievements

At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy we will ensure that children celebrate achievements through:

  • Encouraging everyone to do their very best.
  • Identifying and building upon individual strengths and talents.
  • Acknowledging individual and collective achievements through a range of activities

Statement of Intent

We have a school which will always:

  • Make learning the priority
  • Encourage and value extended learning opportunities including sport and the creative and performing arts.
  • Develop a learning partnership between children, parents, school and the local community.
  • Challenge children to achieve their full potential and be prepared for the next stage of their education