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Core Learning Characteristics Rewards & Recognition





Through our curriculum, enhanced by a richness of reading opportunities and exceptional cultural capital experiences, we aim to educate the whole child, building character and knowledge together. In order to promote this, we have identified eight characteristics we aim to nurture within our children. Everything we do will promote the development of these core qualities which we feel are central to ensuring our children develop into well-rounded, well-educated young people who are prepared for success in their next phase of education. 
Please click on the icon above to take you to an explanation of each core learning characteristic.
It is of great importance that these characteristics are not only identified, but also rewarded and recognised when children are achieving these with consistency. Our rewards and recognition of core learning characteristics for all our pupils include:


Coloured beads which correspond to the colour of the core learning characteristic icons above are given very regularly from day to day. If your child shows moral behaviours, they would receive a blue bead, green for ambition and so on. These are accumulated over the course of a half-term and are collected into our four 'houses' - Roche, Sandbeck, Trueman and Lumley. The winning house gets a 'bead treat' at the end of each half-term which will be something exciting and engaging for all the pupils in that house.


Stickers, postcards and badges

Every child in school has a bronze, silver and gold sticker chart to collect all eight core learning characteristic stickers on. Once they complete a bronze sheet, they move on to silver and then gold, with a special badge awarded for completing their sheet to wear with pride in school. The stickers are harder to achieve as children have to show the relevant behaviour consistently. If your child receives a special mention, the core learning characteristic this has been given for is highlighted in the top right of their certificate. They will also receive a corresponding sticker for this on their sheet in school. Stickers are not just confined to special mentions, they can be given at any time at the teacher's discretion.

As well as the sticker received in school, we recognise the importance of ensuring parents know about their child's achievement. Therefore, a postcard will be sent home with your child explaining why they received the award for that core learning characteristic. 

We recommend you praise and talk to your child about their achievements, ask them which core learning characteristic they are aiming to achieve and how they aim to do it.