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Reading Homework

Each week your child will bring home a selection of books to help develop their reading skills.  These books should always be kept safely in their book bag when not being used.

Your child will bring a Guided Reading book (chosen by the teacher) from the classroom once a week so that they can practise reading books with text at their own level.

You can help your child using the following notes:

1.  Keep it short (10 or 15 minutes) but often

2.  Choose the right time (don't compete with tiredness or television)

3.  Always praise and encourage

4.  Don't get anxious or impatient, this becomes infectious

5.  Don't get hung up over one word, if your child is really stuck say the word

6.  With a long or challenging book, take turns reading a page each, to keep the flow of the story going

7.  Enjoy reading together, it should be an enjoyable experience

8.  How about a family reading time just before bedtime.  It's important that your child sees you  

      reading too

9.  Encourage your child to talk about the story (e.g. discuss characters, what's happened so far,

      predict what will happen next, etc.)

10. Reading aloud to you is important but remember to encourage private reading also

Thank you for taking the time to read these notes, we hope they will be useful to you.

Happy Reading!