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With our curriculum, we seek to create teachers and children who have high expectations; striving for excellence across all areas of the curriculum.  As the National Curriculum moves towards Mastery and children are expected to increasingly apply their skills throughout all aspects of their learning, we continue to push for the delivery of cross-curricular teaching in order to meet the needs of our children in a variety of ways.  We want learning to take place in a safe, purposeful and engaging environment but for our children to be so enthralled with their learning that it continues outside school too. 

At Maltby Lilly Hall, we enhance the learning opportunities available to our students through well-chosen and structured learning experiences both in and out of school, enhanced by a richness of reading opportunities and exceptional cultural experiences. This can be seen in anything from the day-to-day lessons that our teachers deliver, visitors brought in to school, the continued provisioning for creative homework and the visits/residentials that we plan for our pupils.  All of this ultimately serves one purpose, to engage our pupils in a rich, ambitious curriculum.

Maltby Lilly Hall Academy - Curriculum Intent 

Every child who comes to Maltby Lilly Hall is unique. They come to school with their own combination of experiences, understanding and learning which it is our job, and privilege, to build upon. We believe that every child has the right to make the absolute most of their abilities. We aim to enable our children to overcome any barriers they face, including any social disadvantages they might experience both in primary education and beyond. To enable our children to do this we will –  

  • Ensure they develop strong social skills and an understanding of how to interact positively and confidently in different contexts. 
  • Provide tailored programmes to enable pupils to build their expressive vocabulary and speaking and listening skills. 
  • Provide a wealth of rich opportunities for children to build their retained knowledge through the provision of high-quality, progressive programmes of teaching and learning. 
  • Engage learners through a wide range of first-hand opportunities for learning and guaranteed enrichment experiences. 
  • Help to raise their levels of aspiration and ambition through the range and scope of learning experiences and an unerringly positive ethos. 
  • Ensure that those children who experience the most significant disadvantages are supported through an imaginative and evidence-based approach to Pupil Premium allocation. 
  • Ensure that learning has purpose and meaning and that meaningful and explicit links are made between the subjects taught. 
  • Provide a wide range of opportunities for debate and discussion to enable children to build their understanding of the issues and knowledge being taught and enable them to build their own opinions. 
  • Ensure that high expectations are embedded within the policy and practice of the school, and that excellence is standard 
  • Ensure that children understand the area in which they live, how it has developed and how major events have helped to shape it. 
  • Help children to build their cultural understanding and appreciation of British Values and how they underpin the society in which we live.  

We recognise the challenge presented by ensuring that all our children have their needs met by the programmes of learning we offer. Our goal is to build on the multitude of talents they bring with them to school, developing the skills they need to be both successful learners and productive contributors to society. We will do this by delivering an aspirational curriculum which promotes academic excellence, builds a rounded general knowledge and understanding of the world, and promotes strong moral understanding built on British Values.