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Y5 Residential - Bamburgh

Y5 Bamburgh Residential Visit - 16.04.18 to 20.04.18


Day 1 - Arrived at Hartlepool Quay - Enjoying Lunch

Arrived at hotel at 4:45 - burger and chips for tea followed by a beach walk - everyone fine and happy!

Night walk along the beach.


Day 2 - Good night’s sleep and ready to walk!

It’s amazing what washes up.

Seahouses in sight



Dunes Walk


Day 3 - Y5 Rabbits - By the Iron Bridge at Cragside

Day 4 - Beautiful Morning at Bamburgh Castle


Lunch with a view

Grace Darling Museum 

Clinging to the rock



Due to the gorgeous weather we had a change of plan for the last night. Beach rounders, paddle and music.


Day 5



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