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Year 1 Visitor

Year 1 Visit - Full Life Centre

Matthew Hodgkinson from the Full Life Centre in Maltby visited Year 1 to talk about his role in the church and the community. He explained to the children what happened in the Church on a Sunday morning and also what the church did in the community.  Matthew explained about all the different groups which meet in the centre like the connect group, youth events, kids club, Ignite and Inspire.  
He explained about life events which  are celebrated in the church and all the fund raising that the church do for Maltby community and  people in need home and abroad. 

Jamie in 1G asked ' How do the church do all this?' to which Matthew went on to explain about the people who work for the church and its  volunteers. 

Some of the children were familiar with the services on offer in the centre like Sun Beams Nursery and were interested to hear about some of the others like the Food bank service, Christmas hampers, singing in residential homes, the cafe and the conference centre. 

Year 1 enjoyed having Matthew visit the school and we look forward to his visit next time.