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At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy, our Forest School is outdoor, nature-based learning that has a focus on the holistic development of the child, offering children the opportunity to engage with the rich diversity of a natural environment to help build confidence, resilience and curiosity. 



At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy children in Woodlands 2 have the opportunity to attend Forest School on a weekly basis over a period of five weeks in our woodland environment.  Each session builds on the skills they have learnt previously and enables them to develop a broadening knowledge of the natural environment.  Children are encouraged to explore, take risks, ask questions, express themselves freely and care for the living things around us.  Whilst children are able to participate in adult initiated activities they are also given the freedom to explore the environment independently to broaden experiences and stimulate their growing curiosity. This gives them the opportunity to explore connections between humans and the natural world.  

Children attending Forest School have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of both adult initiated and child-led activities some of which include planting, making and using tools, making bird feeders, independently exploring the environment, pond dipping, litter picking, making mini dens, creating journey sticks, potion making, land art, detecting sounds in nature, learning how to care for our trees and small creatures.  Each session ends with the children gathering together for a story, drink and snack.  All activities provide learning across all areas of our curriculum in a natural and purposeful way. 



Pupils will develop a greater sense of connection with nature and are able to experience purposeful, hands on learning in a large natural space which provides opportunities for physical development as well as promoting good health and well-being. Forest School offers a very inclusive environment and children with special needs and those who face other daily challenges are able to engage in learning in the same capacity as their peers, which has a great impact on their confidence, engagement and desire to learn.  They will learn how to overcome errors as well as experience and celebrate their successes whilst developing communication skills. The benefits of outdoor learning impact every child regardless of gender, age and need.