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At Maltby Lilly Hall Academy we are committed to ensuring that all children have access to an enriching and rewarding education in music. Music is an invaluable subject that can be applied across the entire curriculum. Our intent is to teach music in a practical and creative way that breaks down barriers in abilities and languages and allows for personal expression and individual development.  

By the time children leave Year 6, they will be guaranteed to have left our school with the opportunities to have played multiple instruments as a whole class and as an individual. We guarantee children the skills to appreciate music of different genres and eras. They are taught to question every piece of music in focus and use it to inspire their own, original creations. Skills progress and build on each other from year group to year group, and, furthermore, these skills can be easily attributed to other lessons and their real lives. From personalised weekly tutoring to teacher-led classroom sessions, every child is exposed to the wonderful teachings that Music can provide. 



Music is taught in a cross-curricular manner, both explicitly and discreetly in all subjects. Teachers use a variety of learning sources to plan, implement and assess music being taught in schools, such as Purple Mash, Charanga and Oak Academy. From here, teachers can adapt these lessons to either unambiguously teach music as a lesson, or weave the magic of sounds and vibrations into other lessons. Art, English and Music all go hand-in hand. It is even well implemented into foreign languages and can prove a more effective teaching tool than other means. 

Singing is a fundamental aspect of the school day – a single song can unite the entire school with its harmonies and messages. Singing assemblies are used as a way to boost morale, bring the school community together and emphasise our team spirit. Attendance at the Young Voices Concerts allow children of any age to participate in the largest school choir in the country, and leave them with pride and fulfilment for taking part in such an accomplishment. 

With deep ties to Rotherham Music Service, children are also taught in a whole-classroom environment. Private tutors and small group sessions are also organised for specific brass, woodwind and string instruments. In these more personalised and intimate teaching experiences, children can be challenged by experts in their field and reach their true instrumental potential. 



Maltby Lilly Hall Academy has been awarded the Music Mark Award for our intent and plans to become a musically outstanding school. Our approach to the music curriculum results in fun, explorative and high-quality teaching from our teachers and specialists alike. Pupils will have a love of music that inspires and informs. If a child shows an interest in music, it is our goal to turn that spark of interest into a passion. The skills they learn from their musical experience at Maltby Lilly Hall Academy leave children with an appreciation and understanding of music that they will continue to explore and nurture as they grow. We aim for every child to be able to play a musical instrument by the time they leave Y6.